Homeowner Association Governing Documents

The Association’s Governing Documents are made up of legally binding documents that are filed at the County Office. A brief description of such documents are referenced below items 1-4.  To review each item and it’s entirety, click on the links below that are underlined.

  1. Declarations: The real property covenants, filed with county clerk. Provides structural and use restrictions and creates the community association.
  2. Bylaws: The business practices of an HOA: who governs, how often, when/where/how do we meet and conduct business.
  3. Initial Rules: The rules flesh out the can’s and cant’s within the community.
  4. Guidelines: These are like rules except they are weighted toward structural/aesthetic restrictions.
    1. If you are interested in changing or adding something to your home or lot, please submit an application. For example, if you’re installing shed or other outdoor structure, you’ll need to review the guidelines and shed exhibits (Approved Sheds All) then submit a DRG Application.

Fountain Grass 1 Declaration of Property Owners Association

Fountain Grass Bylaws

Fountain Grass 1 Restrictive Covenants

Fountain Grass 2 Coventant & Restrictions

Fountain Grass 3 Restrictive Covenants

Fountain Grass 4 Restrictive Covenants

Fountain Grass 5 Restrictive Covenants

Fountain Grass 6 Restrictive Covenants

Fountain Grass 7 Restrictive Covenants



Home Paint Colors  (2 pages)

Fountain Grass Section Plat